Women's National 6 Stage Road Relays

  • 06 Apr 2019
  • 12:20 PM
  • Sutton Park, Birmingham


  • Sutton Park Birmingham, 6th April 2019

Registration is closed

Women's National 6 Stage Road Relays - Sutton Park Birmingham

6th April, 2019

This iconic event is close upon us with a closing date of 28 March. It is a fantastic event to be part of and one of the few occasions when road runners get to be part of a relay team.

There are SIX stages for women in this event. There are two stages of 8.7k (1 and 4) and four stages of 5k (2,3,5 and 6).

All senior, veteran and under 20 women registered with WADAC can run. Please note there are not separate Vets or Under 20 races. You MUST have a valid 2019 UK Athletics number to run.

The event is held on closed car-free tarmac paths within Sutton Park and is well supported (great for spectators who can move between the start, middle and end of the course easily to shout on their teams).

It is a great opportunity to show how great women's road running is at WADAC on a National Stage - we can enter multiple teams so don't feel shy in putting your name forward.

I hope I have convinced you to be part of a team!!

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